High CBD Strains of Marijuana That Could Revolutionize Medicine Forever

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When you think of the effects of Marijuana, what is the first thing that comes screeching to the front of your mind? The high, of course! For some this is why they hit the herb – to experience that feeling of being elevated, above worries, above concerns, above dwelling on anything that is slightly stress inducing. For others, the high is what prevents them from considering medical marijuana a serious contender to conventional drugs. High CBD strains take care of this conundrum rather rapidly.

Consider a situation where Cannabidiol (otherwise known as CBD), the second most prevalent cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, could be the difference between a child having hundreds of seizures a day to a few a month.

The two things that can prevent that child from taking CBD to treat seizures are the potential psychoactive effects of the strain available & the federal illegality of marijuana.

Although it seems near impossible to see a change in federal laws surrounding marijuana, it is more than possible to avoid or minimize the psychoactive effects of cannabis by researching into and selecting high CBD strains with a low THC content.

Medicinal Benefits of Cannabidiol

CBD is fast emerging as the underdog with its massive potential for medicinal use without the side effects associated with THC (namely the ‘high’). Comparing CBD alongside established and recommended prescribed medicines further highlights its superior side effect profile. The cherry on top is the fact that CBD has been found to match or exceed the effectiveness of accepted drug therapies.

Not only does it protect against the paranoia associated with high THC strains, studies have shown CBD to be effective in treating anxiety, inflammation, depression, acne, cancer, pain, intractable epilepsy… and the list is growing rapidly & abundantly.


CBD Oil For Pain – Does CBD Help With Pain?

In short, although 3-18% CBD in a marijuana plant may seem trivial, this cannabinoid packs a tremendous punch.

If you need to treat pain without being stoned as a side effect, this could be your saviour.

Have you exhausted all options in treating your child’s seizures, with devastating side effects and decreasing levels of success? High CBD strains might be your Godsend.

Perhaps you suffer with anxiety or depression that is frustrating you to the point you would prefer to not even try any more? Give CBD a chance, it may be just what you need to re-energize you.

High CBD Strains For Pain, Anxiety, Depression & Seizures

Point is, no matter what your condition is, using marijuana medicinally could alter your view of your world. Taking that one step further, high CBD strains could provide you with the relief you need, without the side effects that would limit its usefulness.

So, which cannabis strains are rich in CBD but low in THC? Here’s our top picks!

High CBD Strains of Marijuana That Could Revolutionize Medicine for ever with little or no side effects and high effectiveness at treating numerous conditions.


Raphael Mechoulam is one of the early pioneers in official cannabis research, so it seems fitting to kick the list of with a high CBD strain named after him.

With its peachy flavour and CBD content of upto 18%, this strain has been touted as a winner in treating sleep and digestive disorders (such as Crohns) as well as stress and anxiety.

It is a sativa dominant plant so you shouldn’t experience the heavy body stone you would with an indica, instead it provides a milder, more cerebral high.


Indica dominant, this strain has a higher percentage of CBD than THC and users find it to be good for painful conditions such as arthritis or back pain, as well as stress, depression & anxiety.

Its effects range from relaxing you to making you feel happy & uplifted minus any pain or inflammation you may be suffering from. With dry mouth being the main downside, this strain might be a good one to begin with.


Nebula II CBD contains 7-8% CBD and THC (in typically equal quantities) and its fruity scent with a sweetness reminiscent of honey makes this one a tasty strain to try.

It promotes focused productivity and sets you alight with a creative streak, so is ideal if you are an artist or even just need some inspiration to finally get onto renovating that spare room!

With its reviving, relaxing, joyful effects, it proves to be great for pain and muscle spasms, along with depression. This makes it ideal for multiple sclerosis sufferers who might be affected by all three of these symptoms.


Charlotte’s web gained notoriety after its resounding success in treating a young girl for Dravet Syndrome. A rare childhood form of epilepsy that is notoriously difficult to treat was successfully managed with this hemp derived cultivar.

It contains less than 0.3% THC making it impressive for users who can not or do not wish to deal with the high associated with THC rich strains. As well as being effective for seizures, the strain has been found to be great for pain and inflammation, depression and stress… without the pyschoactive effects of THC.

It makes you relax and uplifts your mood which in turn boosts your happiness without negatively affecting focus, energy levels or productivity. The main side effect to watch out for is dryness in the eyes and mouth.


Of course this high CBD strain of marijuana had to make the list! Its tropical flavours with an unfaltering, underlying boost of medicinal benefits makes it one to put on your bucket list of strains to try.

It is effective in treating fatigue, pain and inflammation as well as reducing stress and symptoms of depression.

Fruity mango and pineapple flavours transport you to a Caribbean island with hints of spice setting your taste buds (and imagination) alight. It creates a euphoric, relaxed and happy effect making you feel focused yet elevated.

If you don’t mind the dry mouth, it is ideal for those who need the medicinal effects without a limiting high as it can contain up to twice as much CBD as THC.


The Hawaiian Dream contains twice as much CBD as THC, and the great thing is that it revives without causing a stoned effect or couch lock.

It is ideal for boosting the appetite, making it a good option for chemotherapy patients, and has also shown great benefits in treating headaches, depression, stress and excessive tiredness. It amplifies productivity by making you more creative and focused backed with a rousing and enlivening effect.

If you love to taste your herb, the sweet tropical flavours will attract you – minus the dry mouth, this is ideal for cannabis connoisseurs who enjoy the taste of the succulent flowers as much as the fantastic effects that follow.


This beauty has a sweet herbal and tropical aroma reminiscent of island life, and has an underlying mellow high that helps to calm and perk up your mind, making you more talkative and socially less anxious.

Early harvesting will provide equal amounts of THC to CBD but leaving it to mature a little longer can give you a higher CBD content.

Pairing that with its usefulness in easing muscle spasms and overall stress, pain and depression makes this strain an absolute champion with both medical and recreational users alike.


Swiss Gold is a valuable strain for people with low appetite, pain and depression with its citrusy scent and high CBD content. It can contain twice as much CBD as THC, making it valuable for those who want relief from insomnia, arthritis (or other inflammatory and painful conditions), anxiety and depression.

If you have been on the hunt for that elusive full nights sleep, this is the clear cut candidate for you – it promotes relaxation and will sedate you, allowing you a generous rest.

The vibrant green buds with streaks of gold (giving it its name) are as pleasing to the eyes as they are to the palate and brain!


Another strain that is brilliant for those who can’t get a good nights rest is the Afghani CBD. Those suffering from insomnia and long term pain will tell you that it is easy to fall into depression as a result of the lack of sleep and chronic pain.

This strain will certainly help with that, getting you content and comfortable, and eventually lulling you into a healing sleep. This high THC strain will likely give you the giggles, but maybe all that will further help to relieve that anxiety and release stress?

Anywhere between 2-ts CBD content can match, and sometimes take over, the THC content making this a great high CBD, indica plant to treat many conditions. It’s advisable to take it slow with the Afghani CBD as you could end up with a headache if you hit too much, too soon.


A CBD to THC ratio of 5:2 makes this high cannabidiol strain an absolute must if you need a guaranteed CBD rich strain. It is highly efficient at treating pain, anxiousness and low moods, minus the paranoia you may get with a high THC variety.

The entourage effect of CBD alongside THC boosts its medicinal value without the heavy body stone effect. If you need to release worries, and ease stress & inflammation, but still be functional throughout the day, this is the one for you.

With its relieving actions, this one might just be a clear victor, keeping you focused and energetic whilst you navigate through your day – happy, pain free & calm.

Have YOU Tried CBD Rich Strains as Medicines? Would you?

Considering the studies carried out thus far, and being aware of numerous anecdotal cases of CBD heavy strains working for many conditions, it is clear that cannabidiol is highly effective in:

  • not only protecting against the problematic side effect of THC, but also of
  • boosting the great effects of THC and
  • showing medicinal value in its own right

In short, with little to no reported ‘bad’ side effects, this cannabinoid delivers a mighty punch when used medicinally.

The question then becomes ‘Would you try a high CBD strain for pain & inflammation, or depression & anxiety? If not, why not??’.

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