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What is CBD & How Does It Work? PLUS 5 Medicinal Uses You Probably Didn’t Know About!

Mainstream media paints a dire picture of cannabis users, making them out to be potheads, wasters or habitual drug addicts. Never mind the fact that highly intellectual, influential & productive members of society throughout history have been chronic cannabis users!

You might have heard of THC, but what about Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Exactly what is CBD? What does CBD do? What CBD benefits should you know about?

CBD Oil For Pain – Does CBD Help With Pain?

Are you sick of feeling jarring pain all the time? Perhaps you have sciatica or chronic back pain that restricts your movement and affects your quality of life? What if I told you there was a natural treatment to help overcome your pain, with no side effects? Would you be willing to try it out?

The solution is simple – you can use CBD oil for pain.

Does CBD Oil Get You High?

Perhaps you know the medicinal benefits of CBD (one of the cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant) & have decided to give it a try… This might lead you to wonder ‘Does CBD oil get you high?‘.

Many people learn about the immense beneficial effects of cannabidiol, and wish to try it out, but are hesitant because they think it may get them high.

I can understand why they might think this, because...

High CBD Strains of Marijuana That Could Revolutionize Medicine Forever

When you think of the effects of Marijuana, what is the first thing that comes screeching to the front of your mind? The high, of course!

For some this is why they hit the herb – to experience that feeling of being elevated, above worries, above concerns, above dwelling on anything that is slightly stress inducing.

For others, the high is what prevents them from considering medical marijuana a serious contender to conventional drugs.

High CBD strains take care of this conundrum rather rapidly - here are our top high CBD picks!

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